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My therapeutic approach draws from several theories. I select strategies according to what I think best addresses the needs of the person I am working with.

Helping With...

Helping those experiencing issues including but not limited to: anxiety, addictions, depression, trauma, low self-esteem, relationship issues, eating disorders and past abuse.

Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy

I select the style of hypnosis or hypnotherapy based on the needs of the person I am working with. My approach draws on my experience with various hypnotic strategies.

And So Much More...

Also offering training and psycho-education, workshops and available for speaking engagements.

My ‘Next Generation’ Services

All my services are based on what is sometimes called ‘second-‘ and ‘third-wave’ therapy services. They are grounded in sound scientific evidence and been tested in thousands of studies. Thanks to these researchers, psychotherapy has been advanced from some secretive and esoteric process into the science of change and happiness, using concrete and present-focused interventions. No more lying on a couch and talking to a therapist who provides you with no direction or help. Although your past is certainly important and I always take it into consideration, with these new-generation psychological services, I use your past to help you change in the present moment and into the future, where your life will actually be lived.

Characteristics of My Next Generation Services

  • Empirically-validated and evidence-based : Tools & interventions shown to work through repeated studies involving thousands of people.
  • Practical : It’s not just about ‘talk-therapy’. Practical tools and interventions are given that have been consistently shown to help people change.
  • Focused on the present : Make changes in the here-and-now. There is less of a focus discussing the past, your childhood, and your parents, over and over.
  • Time-Limited : No more endless years in therapy without much change. See results more quickly. Improvements can be made in just a few sessions.
  • Structured and goal oriented : Stop feeling overwhelmed. Problems are summarized into one or two key issues with clear guidance and tools to help alleviate symptoms.

Taking that first step to come to therapy takes bravery and strength. I understand and respect that and will help guide you on your journey to make healthy changes in your life. I will provide you with a compassionate, calming and supportive environment, together with developing a strong therapeutic relationship, where you can feel safe to explore your thoughts and emotions in order for you to heal, change and grow. I feel honoured to walk beside you as you discover your own New Path.


Why Choose My Services?

I help people get to the root of the problems that are causing them distress, so they can live more fulfilling lives.


I treat people – not disorders. I view all psychological struggles as human and commonplace. Rather than provide you with a diagnosis of a mental disorder, I view suffering from an existential and growth-oriented perspective. In other words, I focus on understanding you as a person and in the context of normal life struggles.

Many therapists provide short-term, surface-level solutions to your problems, and tend to focus on just one approach. They treat the symptoms, not the causes. In my practice I interconnect many methods in order to ensure you get effective and lasting changes. I am an expert in helping people gain emotional awareness of the deepest emotional causes of their current difficulties. Rather than just providing you with band-aid solutions, I help you achieve change that lasts using the power of your subconscious and unconscious mind.

My first focus is always on helping you change what is psychologically unhealthy in your life as much as possible. And of course, for whatever reason, sometimes certain things just cannot change, no matter how hard we try.

So, my second focus is on helping you ‘let go’ of what cannot be changed and ‘just be’ with the effort being on simply living your best life. By giving up on fighting with yourself, while letting things just exist in the background, you can focus on living a worthwhile life. Just like ignoring a salesperson ringing at your door, eventually they will get the point…and just go away.

Rather than simply focusing on what’s not going well, as is traditional with many therapists, my focus is on providing you with strategies that increase your psychological well-being, happiness and resilience, by using principles from all the techniques I have available. The result is your ability to not only tolerate anything that life may throw at you in the future, but to grow from it. At the end of the day, that is what good therapy is really all about.

I offer you a professional guarantee of 100% effort, skill and commitment. No guarantees can be given for any therapeutic outcome, as there are simply too many variables. People are complex individuals, and there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ therapy process. If there were, well, there’d only be one choice of treatment for everyone. (*please be especially wary of anyone who does offer you guaranteed results).

If you are looking for psychotherapy and hypnosis services that are practical, presented-focused and time-limited,

then my services are for you.

Susan Mundy, Clinician

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