An Indepth Approach, Where You Will Learn More About Yourself and the Things Holding You Back

Our sorrows and wounds are only healed when we touch them with compassion ~ Buddha


Therapy can take different forms depending on the kinds of issues a person needs help with.  Sometimes, a short-term, practical, problem-solving focus with specific strategies or relationship advice is what helps the most.  Other times, especially when there are multiple issues involving painful emotional states and difficult relationship patterns, a longer process may be needed.

Either way, we start where you are.  I ask questions about what brings you to therapy, and I listen with compassionate care, an inquiring mind, and an open heart.  I offer honest feedback, and I actively engage with you about the changes you want to make in your life.

Together we develop an understanding of what you need and a plan to help you move forward.  I draw on my years of experience and training in different therapeutic approaches to help you create improvements in how you feel, in your relationships, and in your life.

To access helpful unconscious resources and facilitate healing, I integrate hypnotherapy methods into the work when appropriate and when a client is interested in this form of therapy.

I am always open about my thought process and the approaches I use because I consider the work to be collaboration.

Here are some of the issues I work with:

  • Emerging from depression
  • Becoming less anxious, more relaxed, more confident
  • Healing traumatic memories that may be inhibiting or upsetting you in the present
  • Improving your relationship with yourself
  • Improving your relationship with others
  • Taming a harsh inner critic
  • Mastering panic attacks
  • Overcoming phobias
  • Grieving in a healthy way
  • And many other issues as well

Regardless of your issues, my overall goal is to provide a place that is welcoming and confidential where you can engage with a skilled psychotherapist to create positive changes in your life.

My Unique Approaches

Therapy with me means that you are working with an experienced and highly trained practitioner, who is not confined to any single psychological school of thought or theoretical orientation. The result is having a therapist with a wide range of techniques available to use at any given time. I have found that what may work for one client, will not necessarily work with another, even when presenting with the same or similar issues and symptoms. 

My ultimate goal is to help you achieve the changes you want, as effectively and quickly as possible, so you can enjoy living your life again. 

My practice is heavily influenced by Positive Psychology, Human Givens Psychology, Buddhist Psychology and Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Focusing, Emotional Intelligence, Positive NeuroPlasticity and Hypnosis.

It's All About You

I may have a favorite theory or therapeutic technique that I tend to use more often or fall back on, but I am always willing to and often use all that are available to me.

After all, the key is to help you as quickly and as effectively as possible ~ Not to pigeon-hole you into some set way of treating all people, whether it works for you or not. That’s the real difference between a really good therapist and the rest.

Contact me if you could benefit from a good therapist who will work with you to find the solutions that YOU want, efficiently and effectively.


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