Grief and Loss

Everyone Experiences Different Reactions


Grief is like the ocean; it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim ~ Vicki Harrison

Have you lost a loved one? If so, you may feel as if you are floating in a void, paralysed in numbness or at a loss of what to do with yourself. Short-term grief therapy can help.

Because no two people grieve in the same way, and there are no rigid stages or timetables for healing, it’s important to find a therapist who can work with you to develop a plan that works for you. I honour your unique strengths and vulnerabilities. I respect and support your needs to remain emotionally connected to your beloved during the healing process. The idea is not to forget the person and move on – who could? – but to integrate your sense of that person into your new life without them.

I will also help you find comfort and continuity in relationships and activities you already have and find new meaning in your life that is somehow connected to the person you lost.

Other Losses

Have you lost a job, or broken up with a partner or friend? Perhaps your beloved pet died after many years of companionship. Having a book rejected, losing a major sport competition, a child leaving home, or a best friend moving away, can all bring you feelings of emptiness, despair and loneliness. Or you may have an ambiguous loss, such as a grown child from whom you are distant, or a parent with dementia who is gradually becoming a stranger. How do you grieve losses that are so uncertain?

Short-term therapy with me makes it possible to regain equilibrium, take care of yourself and get what you need from your family and friends. I will also help you find meaning in and value in your life. You may need a soundboard for decision making and plans. I can also refer you to support groups in the community or online that help you know you’re not alone and that you can benefit from others who have already ‘been there’.

Everyone grieves differently. I make no assumptions about your needs, but will listen carefully and help you make sense of your loss. I will help you explain your needs to family and friends, who are trying to help but may be doing so in misguided ways.

I also offer you a safe, comfortable place to say whatever you need to say without having to worry about overburdening family and friends or looking foolish. When grieving, many clients say “I feel like a mess” even though they are coping quite well. My advice makes you confident that you are on the path to recovery.

At Positive Help Therapy I use psychotherapy to help you better understand your loss, and using hypnosis I can help you deal with your loss at a deeper level so that you live your future filled with hope and peace.



I am always open about my thought process and the approaches I use because I consider the work to be collaboration.

Here are some of the issues I work with:

  • Emerging from depression
  • Becoming less anxious, more relaxed, more confident
  • Healing traumatic memories that may be inhibiting or upsetting you in the present
  • Improving your relationship with yourself
  • Improving your relationship with others
  • Taming a harsh inner critic
  • Mastering panic attacks
  • Overcoming phobias
  • Grieving in a healthy way
  • And many other issues as well

Regardless of the issues, my overall goal is to provide a place that is welcoming and confidential where you can engage with a skilled psychotherapist to create positive changes in your life.

My Unique Approaches

I don’t confine myself to any single theoretical orientation. I utilize a variety of approaches always favouring brief solution focused (BSF) methods. My goal is to help you get the changes you want, both effectively and as quickly as possible.

My practice is influenced by Positive psychology, Human Givens psychology, Buddhist Psychology & Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Focusing, Emotional Intelligence, Positive NeuroPlasticity Therapies and Hypnosis.

It's All About You

I may have a favorite theory or therapeutic technique that I tend to use more often or fall back on, but I am always willing to and often use all that are available to me.

After all, the key here is to help you as quickly and as effectively as possible ~ Not to pigeon-hole you into some set way of looking at all people, whether it works for you or not.

Contact me if you could benefit from a therapist who will work with you to find the solutions that YOU want, efficiently and effectively.


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