Eating Issues

A psychological problem where one has disturbances with food and how they view their body and weight


If you have the strength and ability to maintain an eating disorder, then you have the strength and ability to move beyond it ~ Joanna Poppink

Of course, eating issues are not all about “losing weight”. For you it may be about not eating well, or at all.

I will customize a program based on your unique issues surrounding food and your body, including looking carefully at:

  • your activity level
  • your eating habits
  • your emotional health
  • any distracting behaviors
  • stress and other issues contributing to your overall well being


My approach to eating issues is natural, safe, and effective

Based on experience, my approach begins with a careful assessment of your current habits. Then, we take a close look at how you feel, because when you feel great inside you’re much more likely to choose healthy options without even thinking about it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just not think about your weight as often? Most clients I see have tried everything to either lose weight, or put weight on, or to change their view on food, and they have been suffering the ill effects for quite some time. Hypnosis supports a healthy lifestyle by empowering you to be yourself and naturally maintain the right weight for you, safely, and change your relationship with food.

Hypnosis is a natural, safe, and effective approach to eating issues because there are no pills or diets. The changes you’ll make using my program will help you change your relationship with food and how you feel inside, leading you to a more satisfying and fulfilling life.


Why my hypnosis program/s are different

Most programs don’t address one very important aspect of why people have eating issues in the first place – the underlying emotional cause for the problem.

My program goes to the root of the problem – the underlying emotional reasons. At the same time I address and help you modify habitual patterns that are causing the issues. This two-prong approach leads to changes in your relationship with food.


Why do I have this problem?

It can be very frustrating to know that you should or shouldn’t eat something, and even plan on eating healthy throughout the day only to not follow through anyway

There can be many reasons for this. Some are habitual, others are to distract from painful emotions, and others are to just relax and have a good time. For some people, a good meal or snack is the most enjoyable part of any day. It’s hard for them to give up the one thing that they find pleasure in. And, for those who are bulimic it can be a sense of having at least some control over their life.

Thankfully all of these issues can be addressed with hypnosis. I have a lot of experience helping people with all types of eating and motivational issues.

At Positive Help Therapy I use psychotherapy to help you better understand your eating issues, and using hypnosis I can help you deal with it at a deeper level so that you can live with at the perfect weight for you with more freedom and calm.


I am always open about my thought process and the approaches I use because I consider the work to be collaboration.

Here are some of the issues I work with:

  • Emerging from depression
  • Becoming less anxious, more relaxed, more confident
  • Healing traumatic memories that may be inhibiting or upsetting you in the present
  • Improving your relationship with yourself
  • Improving your relationship with others
  • Taming a harsh inner critic
  • Mastering panic attacks
  • Overcoming phobias
  • Grieving in a healthy way
  • And many other issues as well

Regardless of the issues, my overall goal is to provide a place that is welcoming and confidential where you can engage with a skilled psychotherapist to create positive changes in your life.

My Unique Approaches

I don’t confine myself to any single theoretical orientation. I utilize a variety of approaches favouring brief solution focused (BSF) methods. My goal is to ensure you get the changes you want both effectively and quickly.

My practice is influenced by Positive psychology, Human Givens psychology, Buddhist Psychology & Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Focusing, Emotional Intelligence, Positive NeuroPlasticity Therapies and Hypnosis.

It's All About You

I may have a favorite theory or therapeutic technique that I tend to use more often or fall back on, but I am always willing to and often use all that are available to me.

After all, the key here is to help you as quickly and as effectively as possible ~ Not to pigeon-hole you into some set way of looking at all people, whether it works for you or not.

Contact me if you could benefit from a therapist who will work with you to find the solutions that YOU want, efficiently and effectively.


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