Are you seeking a quick fix or instant answers to your problems? Best be careful then, because what this usually means is that you end up avoiding them instead.  And, while that might initially sound okay, those problems just seem to keep on popping up anyway, don’t they? Perhaps at different times, with different faces and in different places, but with similar issues nonetheless. Sometimes, what you really need, is to talk to a professional. Nothing can quite replace the healing power of a well-trained and compassionate therapist who asks just the right questions and is a dedicated listener. Through this supportive process, you will not only learn more about yourself – who you really are – you will also discover what it is that’s actually keeping you stuck and how to finally let it go. It’s only then that you’re able to move forward into your Positive Future…


Yes, it’s so easy ~ you can even do it with your eyes closed! But, let’s be clear, hypnosis is certainly not magic, nor is it guaranteed to instantly fix all of your problems. And yet, the truth is ~ that it really does work! When you are genuinely ready and committed to make the changes you want in your life, I am here to help you ~ by guiding you into a natural, relaxed, comfortable and calm hypnotic state (sometimes called a ‘Trance’). By providing the positive suggestions needed, you will make profound & powerful changes in your life ~ efficiently & effectively ~ accessing the blueprint of who you are, which is in your subconscious mind. Hypnosis works on the deepest level of your mind – where your feelings and emotions, pattern matches and unconscious motivations reside. This is where our deepest therapeutic work takes place…

Do You Want to be Happier?


Offering You the Experience of Professional & Compassionate Help to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Please take just a few minutes and watch this short video to learn the truth of what hypnosis actually is and why it is so important for excellent therapy outcomes

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Regardless of what’s happening in the world at the moment ~ no matter where you happen to be located, if you have access to the internet you can take advantage of online therapy, experiencing amazing positive results, from the comfort and convenience of your own enviroment.


Are You Looking For Help With Your Problems? Then Welcome. You’ve Come to The Right Place: Because, Everyone Needs a Little Positive Help Now and Then.

While you’re here, please take some time to explore my website. You’ll find plenty of information about me, my practice, and, some of the ways that I’m able to help you. You will also find free resources that you are welcome to use. My goal is always to help you, to help yourself, and so, if what you find here is enough to get you past your current concerns, that’s fantastic.

However, if you feel that you could use some further professional assistance, please do reach out to me. I will be honoured to support you on your journey toward living your best life.


It is surprising just how hard life and relationships can be; and, sometimes it can be helpful to take a step back and talk to a therapist, to make sense of what’s happening.

For many people, this process may uncover old, unresolved wounds that continue to hurt them and the people around them. It’s only after neutralizing these wounds that you can move forward and then make the real and lasting changes you want in your life.

It is in therapy that we can heal from pain.

Then we can stop hurting ourselves and the people we love, and start taking steps towards deeper connection and growth.

Life Can Be Difficult Sometimes...

Life isn’t always easy. Right now, your problems might seem too big or difficult for you to cope with or solve on your own. This is such a natural feeling, but you have the power within you to go beyond any of your current difficulties, into a richer, happier and more fulfilled life.

Everyone has battles to fight and hurdles to overcome at some point in their life. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, or any other stressful issue, you should know that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

My practice specialises in treating people who are experiencing unhappiness in their life, in whatever ways that may show up – perhaps you’re feeling sadness, anger, or are fearful. Maybe you simply don’t know what you’re feeling, just that it’s not good. Perhaps you’ve created unhealthy habits that distract you from the feelings inside that you don’t like – and now those habits are causing you all sorts of issues.

Through many years of experience, I’m confident that there is no problem too great to overcome.

At Positive Help Therapy, I want you to know that it is never too late to change and start living the life you’ve always wanted.

I help people who:

  • feel stuck
  • are worried they’ll never feel better again
  • think they are incapable of happiness at this point in their lives
  • are lost
  • are caught in unhealthy habits/addictions or are in relationships with those who do
  • are in emotional pain and need support
  • are ready and willing to do what it takes to heal, change and grow 

If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you, I’m ready to help. I’d love to work with you every step of the way. So reach out, the Positive Help you need is here just waiting for you…

Why Choose Positive Help Therapy?


Taking that first step to come to therapy requires bravery and strength. I understand and respect that; and, I will help guide you on your journey to making all the healthy changes you are looking for in your life.

You will be offered a compassionate, calming and supportive environment, and I will strive to develop a strong therapeutic relationship with you, where you can feel safe to explore your thoughts and emotions in order for you to heal, change and grow.

I am honoured to walk beside you as you discover your own New Path.

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Specialising in


Anxiety is very uncomfortable. It’s our body’s response to threat or danger. Symptoms may include a sense of impending danger, felling weak or tired, trouble concentrating or losing touch with reality.


Depression hurts & is more than just the occasional blues. Signs may include withdrawing from family & friends, persistent feelings of sadness, anger or regret and sometimes feeling that life isn’t even worth living.


Grief is a natural response to loss, any loss. Grief has no set pattern, everyone experiences it differently. But, if you’re feeling overwhelmed & without support, you may find that professional support will help you through.


As social beings we have relationships with many people, not just our partners. And, we all experience challenges dealing with others. However, sometimes those challenges require a helping hand from outside.


Habits can be both positive & negative, whereas addictions by their very nature are only negative. Like any learned behaviors, they can also be unlearned, with the right help.


Any experience can cause trauma. When two people experience the same event, one may become traumatized and the other not. There is no set rule. Symptoms may include reliving the event with intense emotional & physical reactions.


Pain is a natural response to injury. However, sometimes it can turn chronic continuing on & on. If you have been medically cleared of complications, hypnosis can help reduce chronic pain symptoms.


There are so many other conditions, symptoms & issues that therapy can positively help with. If you are suffering right now, please reach out for help.



At Positive Help Therapy, you will always find a warm welcome. A safe space allowing you to stretch your comfort zone and learn to live more expansively. All while being held safely and with compassion.

No matter what’s going on, we will start from exactly where you are now…


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Some of the Things My Clients Have Told Me They Feel...

Hopeful, Accepted, Connected, Loved, Wonderful, Understood, Validated, Relaxed, Motivated, Safe, Comfortable, and Have a Fresh Engagement with Life.


New Client Referrals *from former clients

The Philosophy Behind My Approach is About

  • Finding the solution ~ not simply focusing on the problem
  • Accepting the past and moving on with your life
  • Empowering you to be who YOU want to be
  • Gaining freedom from destructive influences, patterns and emotions that have been holding you back
  • Helping you to realise your full potential
  • Teaching you to respond to difficult situations ~ not simply react
  • Discovering what works for YOU in your life
  • Offering you a wide range of options from my therapeutic toolbox

Do You Wish Your Life Had More Joy and Meaning in Your Life?

Jumping for Joy

You may not even know what makes you happy anymore.

Most people are their happiest when they are living their lives according to the values they find important.

Part of my job is to help you define these values and discover ways to live towards them every day

Susan Mundy, Therapist

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